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Garry White
Joanna Apps
Garry Hargrave

Pitch 1: What the Kids Say


Pitch by; Jason Colley
What The Kids Say collects information about the recreational habits of teenagers. Through an iOS app, teens can submit reviews and ratings of places they have been and things they have done, while also discovering new places nearby and where they are going.

Pitch 2: Education and Care Workforce

Professional Body

Pitch by; Lee Gane
ECW is a collective of Educators and collaborators working together to support and grow a Village of Education and Care professionals. Our aim is for a confident, passionate, professional and sustainable Education and Care Workforce dedicated to providing rich relational learning environments for children and an invaluable resource in the provision of care, education, information and support to families and communities. Bringing back the village and enabling children and communities to thrive.



Pitch by; Justin Briody
Complaints and Compliments is a Customer Service Turn Key Solution (Concept) for consumers and businesses operators. It is independent of the service provider and features for the consumer one location for registering feedback for any business or service provider. It accommodates options of filing receipts, business ratings and the ability to find an alternative provider.

For the service provider the concept is an turn key solution to managing customer service / feedback in many locations by utilising a dashboard function. Once data is gathered it can be used to secure existing customers and monitor staff performance as it is driven independent to employees.

There a fantastic opportunity to monetise this concept with 15 million working Australians spending their money at 2.2 million business.