this month's MC

Tony Wheeler
ImagineX Ventures

this month's Talk / Speaker

Entrepreneurs Story – Cindy Corrie

Cindy couldn’t find an educational option for her son…so she created one! Cindy founded The Sycamore School for young people with autism, and shares her story about how she went from being a mum with a problem, to a community focused business women with a solution that would change the educational landscape of Queensland.

Cindy Corrie
Cindy Corrie Consulting / The Sycamore School

this month's Pitch judges

Tony Curl
Think and Grow Business
Rodney Winkleman
Elysium Restaurant and Bar / Redlands Angels
Cindy Corrie
Cindy Corrie Consulting / The Sycamore School

Pitch 1: Long Haul Spa


Pitch by Christine Keeling
8 fantastic all natural skincare products plus everything you need, packed into a gorgeous bag. Combat dehydrated and congested skin during your next long haul flight. Arrive rested, relaxed and feeling pampered with Long Haul Spa’s curated in-flight spa kit. Containing vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. Look forward to your next long haul flight and enjoy the journey, not just the destination!

Pitch 2: Agunity


Pitch by David Davies
AgUnity is a global technology platform empowering thousands of organisations working toward UN SDGs to connect the Last Mile. AgUnity has developed a smartphone and ‘super-app’ based solution for the world’s smallholder farming communities, a simple mobile product restoring trust and enabling remote connection.

pitch 3: Scribble


Pitch by David Westray
Learning the English language and spelling, has always been confrontational for many school students and especially foreign speaking students. Scribble turns that problem into a fun learning experience. Suddenly it becomes a fun visual experience played in a classroom involving teams of students or individuals. Scribble can be used from preschool through to high school and it’s only the teachers imagination that can restrict how the game is used and played.