this month's judges

Pitch 1: AnchorGuards


AnchorGuards is the umbrella brand name for a series of products that stop beach umbrellas, car awnings, portable gazebos and trampolines from lifting off during strong winds. These are called UmbrellaGuard, AwningGuard, GazeboGuards and TrampGuards. They work in conjunction with another complimentary portable weighting device called the GravityGuard. I am currently updating all media to reflect the new branding and may need additional funds to develop a commercial version.

Pitch 2: Snout Shield


Snout Shield’s purpose to provide personal protective equipment for rescuers of canines after injury or illness who experience a respiratory or cardiac event in field environments. The apparatus is to protect the responder from toxins, poisons, bacteria or other hazardous substances.

pitch 3: Airdeskr

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 10.42.17 am

We turn the best cafes, restaurants, and bars into micro coworking spaces.

The working economy is becoming increasingly more mobile and for many businesses, starting up or conducting external meetings, and having the ability to work in affordable and flexible co-working spaces would benefit them considerably in becoming successful.

We hold events at our hosts, offer exclusive member rewards, encourage networking and much much more.