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Tanieka Booth McNeill – the Founder of Shielded Socks – is a 15 year old student at Springfield Central State High School.

Shielded Socks are made to enable young people to feel more confident in themselves, even if the socks are shielded by their shoes. Our socks will look like normal school socks with the colour white being at the top of the sock (where you will see the sock) and the cool design being underneath the shoe. That way students can wear them without teachers getting angry and telling them to change their socks.

Pitch 2: Rhema Internationational College


Would you like to make an impact in this world? Our vision is to build a high-quality school in Sierra Leone, this area has high level of poverty child labour and lack of education after civil wars, Ebola and recent mudslides, it has been devastating! We want to build this community up to help future generations in Sierra Leone however our team needs your support to make this happen. your support can truely make difference.



Custody Calendar specialises in providing a clear schedule of your child’s Parenting Orders. Knowing where your child should be ahead of time, provides them (and you) the ability to plan and is the perfect low conflict solution. As an independent third party we will contact the other parent to confirm the schedule breakdown for you.