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Darrenn Medhurst

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Entrepreneurs Story

We have all heard the stories of the big businesses that started life in the founder’s garage, well here’s another one, but with a twist. The twist is the garage is in Logan. Scroll forward a few years and there is a multi-million turnover business with offices in the United States, South Africa, Vietnam, The UK and Malaysia. A roll call of customers that includes some of the biggest corporate names around and counts major players like Microsoft as investors. So they went to Silicon Valley right, wrong, headquarters are still in Logan, but no longer in a garage! In this inspirational Entrepreneurs Story talk from GO1 co-founder Vu Tran, hear about an entrepreneurial journey that starts out with a bunch of school kids door to door canvassing shops along Old Cleveland Rd.

Vu Tran

this month's Pitch judges

Vu Tran
Amanda Cole
Spark Consultants
Garry Hargrave
Fox and Bell Group / Redlands Angels

Pitch 1: Hoozatt


Pitch by: Sharyn Doolan
You see a great ad on TV. Who created it? Who wrote the copy? Who voiced it? Who mixed the audio? Who produced it? How do you find out?
Hoozatt will be a clickable list of credits for every person involved in the creation of digital media. This is credit recognition, tracking, marketing, branding and casting tool. Millions of people worldwide create digital content, yet most are never recognised for their talents and their solo marketing efforts are limited. An app similar to ‘Shazam’ will provide a page listing every person and business associated with the creation of the content. Just click the link and connect. Each time a person in the creation process shares their work on social media, everyone receives the additional marketing benefit for no additional charge.

Pitch 2: My Best Year Yet


Pitch by: Will Hagan – Shape Your Success
The My Best Year Yet diary is a unique goal-setting diary, structured to help you achieve success in your life. The simple, proven, goal-setting process makes it perfect for anyone who wants more out of life. My mission is to inspire and teach others how to improve their lives, so at Shape Your Success I coach people on high-performance habits by synthesising psychological research findings. By teaching people to live a life they love, they will grow to improve themselves and those around them, so together we can all achieve our version of success. The My Best Year Yet diary is the first step for those wanting to improve themselves and become high-performers.

pitch 3: Renewable Energy Xchange


Pitch by: Scott Graham – Graham Enterprises
Helping You Reduce Electricity Costs
For the first time, Body Corporate Communities can reduce their electricity costs across the community, through on site generation of solar energy. When it comes to receiving solar generated electricity, multi tenancy dwellings can be at a disadvantage. Graham Enterprises has developed the first range of solar distribution systems, specifically designed to meter and distribute solar energy from one single solar system to multiple tenancies. The Renewable Energy Xchange (REX) system is the first of its kind, enabling both residential and commercial tenants within multi resident buildings to access the benefits of solar generated electricity.