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Kiah Hickson

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Get the FACTS on digital marketing

FACTS is a digital marketing framework for high-growth businesses. Mark developed it to grow small businesses quickly using digital tools. Conscious of limited budgets, it is a blend of hand-to-mouth marketing and techniques Mark learnt as part of his Masters of Business Tech – using tech to scale rapidly. The framework helps highlight very quickly where the friction exists that may be holding things back.
F – focus
A – awareness
C – conversion
T – traction
S – scale

Mark Jones
Your Digital Solution

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Mark Jones
Your Digital Solution
Donna Stone
Stone Business Coaching
Garry White
Bendigo Community Bank / Redlands Angels

Pitch 1: Miit


Pitch by Andrew Curnow: Miit is a social platform that connects you with others nearby who share your interests to help you make new friends or find interesting things to do. We believe that forming real connections with others is a core human need and that technology can make forming these connections easier and more accessible So we are building Miit to bring this technology to the world. But Miit is not another social network. Miit is a social utility that inputs your tastes, interests, activities and existing social networks and combines them with your location to build a complete picture of who you are and what you’re into. We then connect you with other like minded individuals proximal to you. The kind of people you would want to Miit real life. We serve your people the way Facebook serves you ads.

Pitch 2: Siren Cameras


Pitch by Phil West: We capture recreational anglers’ fishing experiences better than anyone else in the world through our revolutionary, and patented, dual-lens fishing camera – ‘Siren’. We have designed and patented the first ever dual-lens camera for recreational fishing. The camera is attached to the line after a fish has been hooked, and then floats on the surface capturing both perspectives of the encounter. The camera is not lost if the line breaks as it floats, and is non-intrusive to fishing as it is not on the line permanently. While its being used, our camera is recording GPS coordinates, the water temperature, the time and the date, therefore creating a virtual log for the angler who self populates the fish species. All of this data is managed on the Siren App.

pitch 3: Redfish Building Automation


Pitch by Justin Clacherty: Redfish has developed a line of building automation products for use in hotels, and commercial and high-end residential buildings. These products help to reduce energy usage as well as provide building owners with remote access to their building control systems. We are focused on providing innovative products with a focus on security that can be easily adapted to new technologies as they emerge. We have developed a distribution network covering Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe and are looking for funding to finalise commercialisation of the product range.