this month's MC

Rodney Winkleman
Elysium Restaurant and Bar / Redlands Angels

this month's Talk / Speaker


Confused about the difference between a trademark and a trading name? Not sure if you should be considering a patent or a registered design? Then come along and hear from Jack King-Scott from Logan based IPGateway who will be giving us a ‘101’ guide to the different forms of Intellectual Property and ways they can be protected.

Jack King-Scott

this month's Pitch judges

John Burkett
Advicepoint Business Consulting
Maria Anderson
Sustainable Marketing
Jack King-Scott

Pitch 1: Chatbot Agency


Pitch by: Mike Hillsdon
We have developed our own Chatbot Builder platform designed for digital & web agencies as well as budding Entrepreneurs to run their own Chatbot Agency. We also have a white-labelled option so anyone can become their own Chatbot builder service, just like our competitor. We have designed the platform around our own existing business, and what our early adopters have needed. We are now at commercialization stage and are looking for additional means of exposure and any investors that would like to come along with us as well.

Pitch 2: Raise DM


Pitch by: Amanda Karpeles
RAISE stands for Rapid Access to Information on Safety in Emergencies. Our first product is called Safe Tag. Safe Tag is a risk management and team care system, suitable for any business or organisation. SafeTag is an emergency communication platform that Merges Telematic Systems with Information communications. Underlying the technology delivers a process similar to SARTIME (Search & Rescue Time), a commonly used safety net used by pilots and the aviation industry. Our product is designed for all industries and individuals to utilise. However our main target market are businesses and organisations, particularly in high-risk or unpredictable environments. . We deliver group-specific safety and first-aid content as well as provide welfare timers that raise an alert upon the failure to tap-in. We facilitate top-down as well as bottom-up communication in any crisis.

pitch 3: SwapU


Pitch by: Nic Robertson
Ever tried to sell your used items online? It isn’t easy. People will try to buy your goods for much less than they are worth. Instead of selling your goods, swap them! Don’t keep items that you’ll never use again and let them degrade and lose all their value. Swap them!
Use what you’ve got to get what you want and need. Swapping made easy, that’s SwapU.
Why isn’t swapping easy? Finding that perfect swap has never been easy. Until now!
Swap shoes for clothes, cars for motorbikes, motorbikes for sail boats, homemade crafts for shoes. Swap anything for anything! Swap Everything!